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How to Treat Yourself for Valentine’s Day!

Pretty much my entire life, I have thought of Valentine’s Day as a silly holiday. I didn’t understand why we would celebrate romantic love, especially if it was one day a year. I myself am not a romantic person, so I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, I just choose to spend the day alone or…


Halloween Home Décor

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, eating lots of candy, and, of course, decorating. We decorate almost the entire house for Halloween, and I thought I would share just a few of our Halloween decorations with y’all. I believe that most of the decorations shown are from Pottery Barn, with a few from Target and Michael’s and have labelled them to the best of my ability. Pumpkin Luminary – Mantle Decoration – Store: unknown, likely Pottery Barn Owl Luminaries (2) with Spiderweb Fabric – Mantle Decoration – Store: Pottery Barn Graveyard & Crows Luminary –…


Halloween Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

My mother is the boss of the house when it comes to decorating, but as we grew older, she allowed my sister and I to decorate our own bedrooms for holidays. It is quite difficult for me to decorate for holidays because my bedroom’s color scheme doesn’t quite match with most traditional holiday colors, but…