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Halloween Costume Reveal 2019

This Halloween, my family decided to go with a group costume that we’ve been thinking about for a long time (and by long time, I mean over 5 years). This year our Halloween costume theme will be…. FROZEN! I will be going as Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, from Disney’s Frozen. Below you can see my full costume! Costume For my Elsa costume, I will be wearing the Elsa dress that my sister got for me last Christmas. My sister and I have acted out Frozen every December since it came out, so she got this dress for those performances.…


How Disney Can Make Good Remakes

It’s no secret that I strongly dislike Disney’s live-action remakes. However, I think there is a way that Disney could make good, interesting live action remakes.

2019 Disney Cast Member Review

The Disney cast members are definitely not as good as they used to be. However, there are some great individuals who continue to uphold the standards set by Disney long ago and should be recognized.