Silke London Hair Cap Review

I have been very interested silk recently, particularly the benefits many claim it has. Several sources I have seen online claim that silk can keep your face moisturized, make your hair shiny and soft, and prevent wrinkles. For Christmas, I received a silk pillowcase (which I would be happy to review later if this post does well) and a hair cap from Silke London. Today I will be reviewing said hair cap for y’all.

First Impressions

I was very impressed by the quality of this hair cap, especially since I had been using a cheaper alternative. This cap is made entirely of silk and is large enough to hold A LOT of hair. When I say a lot of hair, I truly mean a lot; my hair is hip-length, very thick, and curly and it holds my hair well. The elastic inside the cap was also good quality and it kept the cap on my head all night long.

After 2 Months of Use

After I wore this cap every night for 2 months, the cap started slipping off at night. It does not come completely off my hair, but it does kind of “slide” about halfway down my hair. Thankfully, it is still on well enough that if I wake up and realize it is off, I can easily pull it back over my head.

The Silke London site recommends replacing these hair caps every 4-6 months, but I really have no intention of doing so. They are about $100 (including taxes and shipping) and other than the elastic loosening a bit, I believe my hair cap will hold up for much longer. I am interested in possibly getting a travel cap, but for now I am satisfied with the one I have.

The Benefits

I believe that my hair has grown quite a bit since I started wearing this cap and it also seems a lot softer and shinier. The biggest benefit, though, is not waking up with super tangled hair! As a curly girl, I often find myself waking up with mats & tangles, even if I had combed my hair right before bed. The Silke London hair cap prevents my hair from matting and tangling, since my hair slides easily over the silk fabric.

Would I Recommend This Product?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. It is definitely more expensive than the first “silk” hair cap I bought, but it is much better quality. In addition, I believe $100 is a small price to pay for having healthy, long, beautiful hair every day.

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