Start Supporting Other Women

As I waited for guests to arrive on a cloudy Wednesday afternoon, I watched Natacha Océane’s “US Marine Physical Fitness” test video. I doubted her claim that she got a perfect score (“maxed out” as my military family and friends say) and found myself hoping she would fail. As she got to her shaky 11th pullup, I started rooting for her. I paused, wondering why I had so suddenly changed my tune. It was then that I realized I needed to start rooting for my fellow women, instead of putting them down and hoping they failed.

In a world that still seems dominated by men (especially in countries such as Syria, Yemen, and Mali, which are the most dangerous countries for women, according to Wall Street Journal), we need to uplift our fellow women. We cannot allow our pride to creep in and cause jealousy as other women succeed. In order for women to rise as most of us hope to, we must cheer each other on instead of stepping on each other.

I have often experienced this sort of competition and jealousy in school and work. I have often heard this phenomenon called “queen bee syndrome”. Women realize that they are not equal to men, so they claw their way to the top, pushing down any female contenders on the way. However, we need to build a strong tower made of equally strong women instead of creating a slippery slope of those who failed because of our jealousy. In building a community of strong women who support each other, we will ensure equality in the present and in the future.

We must realize that in order for womenkind to succeed, multiple women must succeed, not just one. We should raise each other up and work together, so that we can achieve gender equality. We must not become jealous of our fellow women, nor should we try to compete with them. We must all work together as a team to show the world just how strong we women are.


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