Comparing 4 Wireless Earphones

I have a confession to make. I do not have only 1 or 2 pairs of wireless earphones, as a sane person might. I have 4 pairs of wireless earphones, each used for a different purpose (does this seem reminiscent of the girl asking for a 4th Macbook Pro on YouTube yet? LOL). I honestly have somewhat of a wireless earphones addiction, which is why I probably have so many. I love trying out different types of wireless earphones and figuring out what they might best be used for. Since I am so lucky to be able to try these all out, I wanted to share my findings with everyone else.

#1 – BeatsX

Okay, full disclosure: these don’t actually work anymore. I honestly just keep them around because they work very well as earplugs. I really like that they have a wire between them, which can keep them from falling out and getting lost. They were pretty comfortable after I changed the silicone tips and the sound quality was pretty good. However, they broke after a year of normal use (as many of my Beats have…ugh!) and the sound quality was not good enough for them to be worth the price tag.

I would recommend not purchasing these earphones, nor any other Beats products, since all the ones I have tried have broken after a year of normal use, conveniently right after the warranty is expired.

            Pros: wire between so you don’t lose them, comfortable, decent sound quality.

            Cons: broke after 1 year of normal use

            Rating: 5/10

#2 – Bose SoundSport Free

These are one of my favorite wireless earphones. Unfortunately, the left earphone. Seems to be much quieter than the right earphone after about 6 months of use. They are still useable, but it is a bit annoying. I prefer to use these at night when I listen to my guided meditations and also during certain workouts. If you are doing a workout where your arms might be by your ears, though, you might want to use different earphones. When I do pull-ups and chin-ups with these earphones in, they usually end up flying off.

These earphones are quite durable and have decent sound quality. The controls are not super sensitive, so you don’t risk hitting something and accidentally calling someone or changing the volume or song. Even though they are a bit clunky, they don’t really feel heavy. The only downside about the size is that they might fall out if you hit them and sometimes, they do slip out of your ears. Furthermore, you need an app to connect the earphones to your phone. I would definitely recommend these earphones. These are probably best for overnight use & working out.

Pros: durable, decent sound quality, good controls, earphones work separately (except during calls), sweat-resistant, comfortable.

Cons: big/clunky, one earphone is quieter than the other, need app to connect to phone.

Rating: 8/10

#3 – Apple AirPods Pro

These wireless earphones are one of my favorites. I don’t like that the music stops when you remove one earphone (sometimes I just want to use one earphone, like when I’m lying on my side!), but I do like that they connect to my Apple TV very quickly and easily. They are very small and light, which is great for everyday use. The sound quality is pretty good.

All in all, I would definitely recommend these earphones. I haven’t had them very long, but I really like them so far. I usually use these around the house when I’m cleaning or just hanging out. I also really like to use these with my Apple TV. These seem to be worth the price tag.

            Pros: easy & quick connection (at least to Apple products), good sound quality, light,

comfortable, noise-cancelling.

Cons: must use both earphones at once.

Rating: 9/10

#4 – Master & Dynamic MWO7 True Wireless Earphones

These earphones are quite expensive and honestly, I don’t think they are worth the price tag. The sound quality is pretty good, but they’re quite heavy and have some issues. The first issue is that the controls are incredibly sensitive. Every time I adjust an earphone or take them out, iTunes opens and starts skipping like crazy. For this reason, I keep these earphones in my “home tote” (which I use to carry my laptop, phone, iPad, lip balm, and snacks up around my house because I’m lazy and big on convenience), and only use them as needed.

Another issue these earphones have is that they’re quite big. My ears often get tired wearing them and I find myself having to remove or readjust them constantly. The third issue I have with these is the battery life and charging signals. I believe these earphones have the least amount of battery life in comparison to the other 3 I have (even the BeatsX, which I detested for breaking so quickly, had longer battery life). I rarely have to charge my other earphones, but I feel as if I have to charge these earphones every other use, which is crazy considering I do not use them for long periods of time. In addition, when they begin running out of battery, they play a “swoosh” sound, which gets progressively louder and louder, every 15 minutes until they die. This is incredibly annoying, and it scared the crap out of me the first time it happened.

These are the same wireless earphones that Louis Vuitton sells, just without the logos, so I thought these would be awesome. However, apart from the sleek look and sound quality, these are a waste of money. These earphones are $250, about the same price as AirPods Pro. However, they are much worse. I do not recommend these earphones whatsoever, even though I will continue to use them in an attempt to get my money’s worth from them.

            Pros: sleek design, good sound quality.

            Cons: sensitive controls, annoying alert sounds, poor battery life, large/clunky.

            Rating: 4/10

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