Veganism: Pros and Cons


I recently went vegan, partially inspired by What the Health on Netflix and partially inspired by Dasiy Ridley and her amazing body. I’m not 100% vegan yet, but I consider myself 90% vegan and I’ve had days where I have been 100% vegan. I’ve listed some pros and cons of veganism that I’ve found on my journey to be vegan!


Weight loss (if you eat right!)

Help animals

Help the environment

Better skin (no acne, less wrinkles, generally healthier looking)

Better hair (shinier, less breakage, grows faster)

Lowering risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and bone disease

More energy

Less “brain fog”

Feel better in general (as an omnivore I felt like clay and as a vegetarian/vegan I feel like a feather!)

You get to brag about being healthy & saving animals!


Hunger (if you aren’t eating right!)

Vitamin deficiencies (again, if you aren’t eating right!)

Stigma surrounding veganism

People bugging you to “just eat it!”

Lack of healthy and quick options

Going to the bathroom a lot

Bloating/gas (this will go away after your body adjusts to fiber)


I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I’m going to be doing some posts on gluten-free & vegan foods, tips for new vegans, and more in the future, so be sure to look out for those posts. I would definitely recommend going vegan if you are able to. If not, it’s a good idea to decrease your meat, dairy, and egg consumption as much as possible. Happy Healthing!

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