My Favorite Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts help you lose fat off of your body. However, I do not recommend doing only cardio workouts, but instead mixing strength and other exercises with cardio workouts. Still, I think you should definitely do some cardio workouts, so I’ve listed mine below.

  1. Running
    1. This is my favorite cardio workout because it is fairly easy and burns a lot of calories. You can just hop onto the treadmill and watch some TV or go for a picturesque run outside while listening to an audiobook, podcast, or your favorite music! This exercise is also great for increasing stamina.
  2. Jump Rope
    1. Jumping rope is probably the most effective cardio workout EVER. It is also another great workout for increasing stamina. Start by going for as long as you can, then increase your time by 30-60 seconds each day or week, depending on how you feel.
  3. Elliptical
    1. This is the best cardio workout for those who don’t want a lot of impact or are injured. I used to love doing elliptical when I wasn’t in as good shape. This is almost as effective as running if you make sure to use an incline and run slightly faster than you would on a treadmill.
  4. Rowing Machines
    1. Using a rowing machine is incredibly fun! It also tones your body while helping you lose weight.
  5. Swimming
    1. This is another great cardio workout if you’re injured. It is also very fun and a great workout for the summer.
  6. Cycling
    1. This is a workout similar to running in that you can do it either inside or outside. If you decide to do it inside and start watching TV, be sure you are keeping up your speed as sometimes it is easy to get distracted.
  7. Stair Climber
    1. This seems to be a favorite of many people nowadays. It will help you tone your legs and butt while helping you lose weight.
  8. Dance
    1. This is probably my favorite cardio to do because I have so much fun doing it. You can either take dance classes or just dance around for fun. I personally do a mixture of both. I also try to get up whenever I’m bored at home and dance a bit.

Those are my favorite cardio workouts! I hope y’all enjoyed and decide to try out some of these workouts. They are great for cardiovascular health as well as weight loss.

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