Christmas Look Book 2019

Christmas Look Book 2019

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love that we celebrate Jesus’ birth, spend time with family, give and receive presents, listen to some cheerful songs, and eat some great food! Since Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, I have a lot of Christmas-themed clothing. Here are some of my favorite outfits for Christmas!

Week Before Christmas (4)

#1 – Snowflake Sweater (GAP) & black leggings (store unknown)

This outfit is comfortable and perfect for winter. This would also work as a Hanukkah outfit.

#2 – Plaid Shirt (L.L. Bean) and jeans (GAP)

This outfit is super warm and could be worn outside of the Christmas season.

#3 – Red Sweater (L.L. Bean) and jeans (GAP)

This outfit is also very warm and can be worn all winter long.

#4 – Let it Snow Shirt (Simply Southern) and Grey Leggings (store unknown)

This comfy and cute outfit is a great casual winter ensemble.

Weekend Before Christmas (2)

Usually during the weekends before Christmas day, my family hosts Christmas parties. Since I can’t escape socialization, I might as well look cute, right?

Christmas Party 1 – Baby It’s Cold Outside Dress (store unknown) and black leggings (store unknown)

Though the song that inspired this dress is definitely controversial, I still adore it! It is super comfortable, especially for a formal dress.

Christmas Party 2 – Reindeer Spirit Jersey (Etsy) and black leggings (store unknown)

I love this Santa’s reindeer spirit jersey that I got from Etsy. Everyone in my family has one, with their favorite reindeer’s name on the back. Guess which one is mine!

Charlie Brown Pajamas (Pottery Barn Teen)

I absolutely adore the pajama sets from Pottery Barn Teen! This pajama set matches my sister’s sheet set from the same store. I definitely recommend checking out the flannel pajama and sheet sets from Pottery Barn Teen!

Christmas Eve Eve

Grey Sweater (PINK) and Red Sweatpants (GAP Fit)

This is my go-to Christmas lounge outfit. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type this! This outfit is not only comfortable, but also super cute & festive.

Grinch Pajamas (Pottery Barn Teen)

This pajama set is also from Pottery Barn Teen. This particular pair of pajamas matches my sheet set from the same brand. This was my first pair of pajamas from Pottery Barn Teen and I love it.

Christmas Eve

Church Service – Red Bomber Jacket (GAP), Black Long Sleeve Shirt (GAP), and Red Plaid Skirt (GAP)

I’m not sure if we’ll be attending a Christmas Eve service in person this year since we’re still looking for a new church, but I figured I’d plan out an outfit anyways! If we decide to do “home church” this year, I may even wear this at home since I like it so much.

Son of a Nutcracker! Sweatshirt (Totally Good Time) and Red Plaid Patched Jeans (GAP)

This is another one of my favorite outfits to wear around Christmastime. My sister bought me this sweatshirt a few years ago for Christmas Eve and I love it! I also have a Kylo Ren shirt from this brand and it’s another one of my favorites. These jeans from GAP are super warm, cozy, and cute as well.

Bah Humbug! Donald Duck Pajamas (Disney Store)

I received these pajamas last year from my parents for Christmas Eve. Since they usually get us at least one pair of new Christmas pajamas each year for Christmas Eve, I will probably wear the new ones, but these are the ones I wore last year. I believe these are men’s pajamas because they are quite large on me.

Christmas Day

Mele Kalikimaka Sweater (Disney Store) and Grey Leggings (store unknown)

This sweater has one of my favorite Disney characters on it and it lights up!

Christmas Pajama Set (American Girl)

These pajamas are super festive and comfortable! I loved American Girl when I was younger, but grew out of it around middle school. Thankfully, my younger sister still likes American Girl so my parents were able to find this adorable pajama set for us!

Day After Christmas

Last year, my depression began to act up once Christmas was over. So, I decided that I would extend the festivities to the end of December! I wore this dress last year after my parents gave it to me for Christmas. It is a little short since it is a kid’s dress, but it is so cute and definitely perfect for the Christmas season!

Elf Dress (Target)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to check back next week for another blog post and next year for another Christmas look book! Thanks for reading my post!


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