Hygge, My New Obsession

Following my family’s trading hotels for Airbnbs, I discovered a word/lifestyle that I’ve become quite obsessed with. This Danish lifestyle is called “hygge” and is the inspiration for a song from “Frozen: The Broadway Musical”. The Danish word cannot be directly translated to a single English word, but is basically a lifestyle focusing on comfort, contentment, and well-being.

There are many ways to live the hygge lifestyle. It is likely you have already done things which agree with this lifestyle. However, there are things you can do to make sure that you are constantly living this lifestyle, which is such an important part of Danish culture.

#1 – Wear Comfy Clothes

There is a Danish word for that one pair of pants that you would never dare wear in public but love to wear around the house because they are so comfortable: hyggebukser. You can experience the feeling of hygge by wearing sweatpants and big, fluffy sweaters. I love wearing slippers and pajamas as often as I can so I can live the hygge lifestyle.

#2 – Enjoy “Natural” Hobbies

When I say “natural” hobbies, I mean activities that don’t involve computers, phones, tablets, etc. Some activities that I like to do are reading, knitting, sewing, and playing piano. You can also do outdoor activities like hiking and bird-watching.

#3 – Light Candles

Lighting a candle can help you feel instantly calmer. I love the hot fudge sundae candle from Bath & Body Works. It smells so good, exactly how you would expect. It makes me feel so warm and comfy when I light it!

#4 – Cuddle Up by the Fire

If you’re not one for candles, either because you’re allergic, you’re uncomfortable with the chemicals in commercial candles, or you just don’t like them, you can always cuddle up by the fire. I love to light fires in my fireplace or even turn on the “fake fireplace” we keep in our basement. Warmth and comfort go hand in hand, so sitting by the fire is highly recommended for the hygge lifestyle.

#5 – Wrap Up with Some Blankets!

As I said before, it is imperative that you feel warm and comfortable to experience hygge. To help with this, you should wrap up in your favorite warm blankets. I love to sit by the fire and read while wrapped up in my favorite mohair blankets from Pottery Barn.

#6 – Drink Warm Drinks

Drinking hot coco or tea really calms me down and helps me experience hygge. I love to drink something warm on rainy or snowy days as I sit by the window. I feel very at peace and safe when I do this.

#7 – Eat Good Food

To feel good, you must eat good! Eat your favorite comfort foods to help yourself experience hygge, preferably warmed!

#8 – Meditate

In order to experience hygge, you must be calm and at peace with yourself. To help with this, you can meditate. You can either meditate on your own or use guided meditations. I love the “Simple Habits” app on the Apple App Store. They have 5-minute meditations that are perfect for hyperactive people like me!

#9 – Pray

Another way to feel at peace is to pray. I pray every morning and night, trying to focus on thanking God for what He has given me. Being thankful will help you experience hygge to the fullest.

#10 – Rest

Of course, you must rest to experience hygge. You do not necessarily have to sleep, but make sure you take some time to slow down and relax.


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