Two Weeks in a Vermont Cabin (+Canada!): Travel Journal

For the last two weeks of October, my family and I stayed in a cabin in Vermont. I really got into the spirit of “roughing it” and attempted (AKA didn’t even come close) to go two weeks without washing my hair (after having it cleaned, cut, and styled of course!) or shaving. I had a really rough time with not only this but also with staying in a cabin and getting off schedule. I think this was definitely a good experience for me, though, because I got to do a lot of fun things and learn to “rough it” (at least by my standards!).

Day 1 – Saturday, October 19 – Travel Day

We spent the entirety of this day driving to our destination. We stopped a few times for food, gas, bathroom breaks, and to walk our dogs. We arrived at the cabin in the evening and unpacked before running to the store for food.

Day 2 – Sunday, October 20 – Cabin & Shopping Day

We spent the day cleaning up the cabin and getting everything organized. We watched Twitches & Twitches Too on the Apple TV we brought and relaxed for most of the day. We also went to Walmart to get some groceries and other things we would need for the next two weeks.

Day 3 – Monday, October 21 – Bragg Farm, Dinner at Sarducci’s

On this day, we visited Bragg Farm, where you can visit their sugarhouse and gift shop. We learned about the maple sugar making process and explored the sugarhouse that they still use today. We also tried some maple syrup in the gift shop. We got some souvenirs as well as three jugs of maple syrup here. Before we left, we got some maple syrup ice cream and visited the goats on the property. I would recommend this farm for a quick visit.

My mother, who was the one who needed to go on this trip for work, had a social event this night. Since she was in Montpelier for the event, she got us some food from Sarducci’s. The gluten free pasta and pizza from this restaurant is amazing. I highly recommend this restaurant if you have Celiac disease!

Day 4 – Tuesday, October 22 – Hope Cemetery & Hubbard Park

This day was a very slow day for us. In the morning, we visited Hope Cemetery, which is known for the craftmanship of its granite memorials and tombstones. They were all hauntingly beautiful and we spent about 30 minutes driving around and taking pictures.

We went back to the cabin for lunch, then headed out to Hubbard Park in the afternoon. We walked our dogs around and explored for a bit, but we unfortunately did not visit the structure in the park. We went back to the cabin to make dinner after this excursion. I would recommend both of these places for a quick adventure.

I had a problem with one of my wisdom teeth on this day, so it was pretty slow and was broken up by me using a homemade treatment. Thankfully, this problem cleared up within 24 hours so we were able to get back to adventuring.

Day 5 – Wednesday, October 23 – Morse Farm

We visited another sugarhouse and farm, Morse Farm, on this day. We explored the sugarhouse, the woodshed theatre, the maple trail, and the gift shop here. We also saw some really cool wood sculptures and a couple very friendly goats. We got maple candies from the gift shop as well as some more maple syrup ice cream. The maple syrup ice cream was absolutely amazing here and I highly recommend it.

Out of all the sugarhouses we visited, this was my favorite. I felt like they had a lot more information than some other places as well as more to explore. We didn’t end up doing a maple syrup tasting here nor did we purchase any, but if their ice cream is any indication, their maple syrup will taste amazing. If you are only able to visit one sugarhouse & farm, I recommend this one.

Day 6 – Thursday, October 24 – Sugarbush Farm

We drove quite a long way to visit Sugarbush Farm. While there, we walked the maple trail, visited the chapel, saw some animals, visited the sugarhouse, and did a maple syrup & cheese tasting. They had horses, goats, rabbits, and cows at this farm, which I was very excited about. The sugarhouse and trail were very similar to Morse Farm, but it was still very cool, especially the chapel. We were able to take our dogs with us everywhere except in the tasting room and gift shop, which was a huge plus.

I really liked the animals here, but they didn’t seem too keen on human interaction. Still, it was nice to see them. At the gift shop, we got cheese (some of which we sampled), a small jug of maple syrup, maple taffies, honeycomb, and a treat for our dogs. I’m not 100% sure this was worth the very long drive, especially since we had so many problems within the car on our way there, but it was definitely fun. I would recommend this farm.

On this night, I finally gave up and decided to wash my hair. I think I stuck it out a bit too long, because my hair was starting to curl even though I hadn’t washed it. I think it is definitely beneficial to skip washing your hair a couple days, but by this time my hair was getting very frizzy, tangled, and just overall unmanageable even though it wasn’t starting to get that greasy look yet.

Day 7 – Friday, October 25 – Sheep & Ram Encounter

Today we had a planned encounter, booked via Airbnb. We got to visit a small farm which had ducks, chickens, geese, and sheep. We got to pet a lot of the animals and we even got to feed the lambs! We had a lot of fun meeting all of the animals and learning about them.

We went back to the cabin to for dinner & a makeshift movie night. We tried pizza from Sarducci’s. Afterwards, we watched some Halloween movies on the Apple TV we brought from home.

Day 8 – Saturday, October 26 – Dogsledding in Eden, Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

We woke up early to drive to Eden, Vermont. There, we went to Eden Dogsledding and did the Beta Tour. We have gone here before and we did the Alpha Tour at that time. Both of them were so much fun and definitely worth it! I highly recommend that you try dogsledding here at least once.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour. The tour only lasted about 30 minutes and ended with an ice cream sample. We grabbed a few souvenirs before heading back to our cabin.

For dinner, my family went out to Ladder 1 Grill while I stayed home with the dogs. They brought me back some gluten-free food which was absolutely delicious. We watched some movies after dinner.

Day 9 – Sunday, October 27 – Vermont Teddy Bear

We had a bit of a relaxed day today. After eating some gluten-free pancakes topped with Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, we headed out to Vermont Teddy Bear Company. We had to wait about an hour for our tour, so we went shopping in the store. We bought the Holstein Bear, the Pastel Pink Bear, the Classic Black Cat, the I Love Lucy outfit, the Santa Claus outfit, two bear ornaments, a small bear, a mug and a notepad at the store. The stuffed bears and cat were very well-made and came with a lifetime warranty. I would recommend both the tour and the store.

Afterwards, we checked out the Shelburne Museum. However, we decided not to visit the museum because of the weather. So, we headed home to relax for the rest of the day.

Day 10-Monday, October 28-Montshire Museum & VINS Nature Center

On this day, we went to two places. We visited the Montshire Museum, which was more of a kid museum, and stayed there for about 2 hours. We realized that another place we wanted to go to, VINS Nature Center, was close by, so we visited it too. We loved seeing the birds and walking the canopy trail there.

Once we were done with our adventures, we headed back to the cabin for lunch and relaxation.

Day 11-Tuesday, October 29-Fairbanks Museum

We had a family emergency today, so a family friend took my sister and I to Fairbanks Museum. It was a small and quiet museum with lots of historical artifacts and taxidermy. There was also a planetarium there, but we decided not to go. After we visited the museum, we went back to the cabin.

Day 12-Wednesday, October 30-Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour (again)

Since Ben & Jerry’s does not make ice cream on weekends, we decided to re-visit the factory. The tour was exactly the same (including the surprise flavor at the end), except for the fact that the factory was producing ice cream instead of being cleaned by employees. We got some souvenirs and headed home to rest, especially since we still had a family member recovering from a health scare.

Day 13-Thursday, October 31 (Halloween!)-Ladder 1 Grill & Halloween Festivities

It was very rainy today, so we decided to forego Allis State Park and the Granite Museum in favor of relaxing and preparing for Halloween. For dinner, we went out to Ladder 1 Grill, which is a restaurant inside of an old firehouse. It was decorated splendidly for Halloween and the food was very good. They had quite a few gluten-free options, which I loved.

After dinner, we went home for a makeshift Halloween celebration. We took pictures in our costumes, ate some candy, and watched movies. We cleaned up the cabin a bit and packed up our things.

Day 14-Friday, November 1-Leaving for Canadian Trek (Montreal and Toronto)

We finished packing up and cleaning the cabin. Unfortunately, there was a huge storm which caused us to lose power & water. However, we were able to clean up the cabin a bit and get all of our stuff out. We left late in the morning for Canada.

In Montreal, we visited the Notre-Dame Basilica and a small souvenir shop. It was terribly windy and cold this day, so we decided to head to Toronto immediately afterwards. Luckily, we know French and miles to kilometers conversion, but it took some getting used to, so we made our way slowly to our hotel.

After two weeks in a cabin, we decided we needed a night in a hotel to refresh ourselves before heading home. So, we stopped at the dog friendly Kimpton Hotel in Toronto. Our hotel room was lovely, especially in comparison to the cabin we had been staying in. We showered, ate some snacks, and went to bed.

Day 15-Saturday, November 2-Canada (Toronto)

Unfortunately, I woke up early in the morning with a migraine and spent most of the morning vomiting, but I was still able to get some sleep in. We left late in the morning and went to the American Girl store (Indigo Yorkdale) for a little bit of shopping. In addition to some American Girl items, we also bought some little gifts from the store surrounding it. The American Girl store was a small section of a much larger store, but still had a pretty good selection.

After our visit to American Girl Store, we headed out to Niagara Falls. It was very windy and cold there, but still beautiful. We walked along the falls and then went to the souvenir shop near it for a couple more souvenirs. Once we were done at Niagara Falls, we crossed the border and headed home.

Overall, this was a rough but fun trip. We got to do a lot of new things and it was good for us to get away. Although I despised the cold weather and the smallness of the cabin, I think that the fresh Vermont air was very good for us. I am also glad that I got to visit Canada once more, since I didn’t remember much of it from my previous visit.

I would recommend that you take a short visit to Vermont and an even shorter visit to Canada if you live in the United States. Vermont is lovely, especially in the fall, but was not somewhere I’d like to spend an extended period of time. Canada is also an interesting experience, but can be confusing, especially if you’re not confident with the French language or the metric system. I would recommend that you spend a week in Vermont and a weekend in Canada.

I am very happy to be home after spending 2 weeks away and I am so grateful to God for getting us home safely, despite our health scares and the storms which pursued us on our way home. Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed!


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