My Thoughts on Disney+ (Will I Be Purchasing a Subscription?)

I think everyone who has read my posts knows by now that I do not approve of a lot of Disney’s decisions. Although I don’t agree with the decision to create their own streaming service, I can’t say that I hate what they’re doing. They’ve cleverly put “exclusive” movies on Disney+, such as the live-action “Lady and the Tramp”.

Yes, I do hate the live-action remakes but… it’s a movie about dogs! This is probably the only live-action remake I am even remotely excited about and I’m only excited about it because I get to watch dogs be adorable for over an hour. Also, I think the original movie is old enough that it is okay for them to do a remake now. I mean, none of the movies are “old enough” to remade in my opinion, but at least they’re not remaking a movie from the 90’s.

Although my family has purchased most of the movies that will be on Disney+, I am actually pretty excited about the movies on here. There are some crappy, “just throw something together” movies and TV shows that will be on the streaming service, but I just won’t watch those. One thing I’m happy about is being able to watch the crappy sequels and remakes on the service instead of contributing to theatre or DVD revenue. Yes, I will be contributing to the problem slightly by watching them on Disney+, but perhaps a box office failure will wake them up?

I’m mostly excited to show my younger sister “The Goofy Movie”. We’ve watched the sequel, but for some reason we don’t have the DVD of “The Goofy Movie”, just the VHS. I’ve talked to my younger sister about how much I loved it as a kid and I’m looking forward to watching it with her on Disney+.

I’m hoping that movies will be released sooner on Disney+ than they are on DVD. According to Oh My Disney’s post, it is implied that Star Wars Episode IX will be coming to Disney+ on November 12 (unless they made a mistake and meant that it would be on Disney+, which is released November 12, eventually). Therefore, it will be on Disney+ around the same time it will be released in theatres. Although I doubt this is true and believe they meant to say that it will be on Disney+ at some point, I hope that they will release movies on Disney+ when they are releasing them in theatres. I detest going to theatres (even the lovely AMC theatres) and would prefer to watch movies in my home theatre. If the movies are released earlier on Disney+, we’ll be able to watch the movies in the comfort of our own homes.

I’m happy that Disney+ is keeping the price relatively low. I’m sure there will be different “tiers” either at the beginning or some point, but at least it’s only going to be $6.99 per month at the start. I approve this particular decision, as I think it would be stupid for them to only have Disney and Disney associated movies and TV shows on a streaming service if they had crazy high prices. If the price was or becomes any higher, I will probably not be purchasing a subscription to Disney+. Here’s hoping they don’t pull a Netflix and raise the prices every year

So, will I be getting Disney+? My answer is: for now. I like what they are currently planning for the streaming service, so we’ll be trading our HBO Now subscription (which we only used for Game of Thrones) for a Disney+ subscription. I just hope that Disney will keep prices low and standards high so they can keep customers.

Disney+ will be available on November 12, 2019. This post is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with The Disney Company.

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