A Review of Neutrogena’s Skin-Clearing Makeup


Now, I’m going be honest with y’all: I rarely wear makeup. In fact, I would never wear makeup if I hadn’t started breaking out like a middle schooler shortly after my 18th birthday. My entire life, God had seen fit to bless me with nearly perfect skin (I did have a couple pimples now and then). However, He decided to take this gift away and make me break out like CRAZY on my chin about a month after I turned 18. I thought it would go away once I moved off the island I was living on, but it didn’t. While I was still figuring out a skincare routine that worked for me, since I had 0 experience with acne, I turned to Neutrogena’s skin-clearing makeup for the timebeing.

My Makeup Look/Routine

As I said before, I rarely wear makeup, so I wanted a very natural look. The only makeup products I wear when I wear makeup are Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation, and NARS Blush. I brush my brows, curl my lashes, and put on lip balm in addition to this. I would usually only use the concealer, but it doesn’t quite match my skin tone, nor does it completely cover my blemishes, so I put foundation over it. I also usually would wear powder foundation instead of liquid foundation, but at the moment powder foundation doesn’t give me the coverage I need. If my skin is particularly calm, I will use only the foundation to cover my blemishes.

I use NARS blush because the foundation and concealer take a lot of color out of my face. I do apply both products very lightly, but it still makes me look pale and sickly. So, I have to apply blush to my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead to reintroduce color to my face. I brush my brows and curl my lashes to enhance their appearance and draw attention away from the blemishes I’ve barely concealed (probably because of my inexperience and not because of the products). The lip balm I use regardless of whether or not I have makeup on. My favorite lip balm brand at the moment is EOS, but I also like Chapstick.

The Review

So, what do I think of Neutrogena’s Skin-Clearing Makeup? I can’t say much about it because I know very little about makeup. However, it does provide decent coverage even when applied lightly. It does take a lot of color out of your face, so I recommend using at least blush with these products. The lightest shade of the concealer is quite orange, so I also suggest using foundation in addition to this concealer.

During my DisneyWorld vacation, I wore this makeup every day because I knew I was going to be on camera. You can’t have red, inflamed pimples on your face when you’re on camera, now can you? I definitely noticed an improvement in my acne during and about a week after my vacation, but the results did not last long. This is a result of the salicylic acid that is in the skin-clearing products.

About a year after this experiment, I found a routine which cleared up my acne. I definitely prefer to have a clear face and feel freer without the heavy makeup. If you can go without makeup, I would recommend doing this. However, if you are insecure about your skin’s condition like I was, this is the best product to use while you try to clear up your skin.

Finally, do I recommend these products? I would say that I definitely do. If you have skin like I did before I turned 18, when I had only a couple of pimples every so often, I would go with the powder foundation and perhaps the concealer. If you are breaking out quite a bit, I would recommend the concealer and liquid foundation. If at all possible, use only the foundation and not the concealer. You want to use as little products as you can, especially if you’re dealing with acne.


I hope y’all liked my review of Neutrogena’s Skin-Clearing makeup! I’m going to be doing some posts on my current skincare routine and my makeup look for special occasions as well as my natural “everyday” makeup look. I’m considering doing a ‘no-makeup makeup’ look as well. So, look out for these posts in the near future!


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