Halloween Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

My mother is the boss of the house when it comes to decorating, but as we grew older, she allowed my sister and I to decorate our own bedrooms for holidays. It is quite difficult for me to decorate for holidays because my bedroom’s color scheme doesn’t quite match with most traditional holiday colors, but I’ve figured out some small ways to decorate my bedroom for each holiday.

Decoration #1: Pillows

For Halloween, I trade out my summery ocean pillow and blue fur pillow for a “if you’ve got it, haunt it” pillow from Pottery Barn.

Decoration #2: Mini Stuffed Animals

To further decorate my couch area, I add a Frankenstein’s Monster plush from Build-a-Bear, two Beanie Boo bats, a large Beanie Boo Halloween owl, and a Beanie Boo spider.

Decoration #3: Skeleton Chihuahua

I keep this particular decoration out year-round (and put bows on it to match each season/holiday!), but it definitely fits Halloween the best. My mother purchased this for me as a Halloween gift last year at Target.

Decoration #4: Sparkly Pumpkin

Because I do not have a lot of Halloween decorations, I like to put this sparkly pumpkin from Pottery Barn on my desk, one of my shelves, or in this year’s case, on my sink! This pumpkin also lights up, giving your space an orange Halloween glow.

Decoration #5: Pumpkin Luminary

I’m too scared to put an actual candle and too lazy to put a fake candle in this luminary, but I still love displaying it in my room. I used to use it for storage for my hamster stuff, but since my hamster has passed, I use it for other storage. This luminary is either from Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Kids.

Decoration #6 – Poison Flask

I wanted a poison flask ever since I saw Addams Family Values. I really liked Wednesday and I wanted to emulate her when she takes a swig of poison at the camp she goes to. This flask isn’t great for drink storage, but it works very well as a Halloween decoration. I placed this decoration in front of my toothbrush holder.

Decoration #7 – Jack-O-Lantern Hand Sanitizer Cover

Similar to my skeleton chihuahua, I keep this decoration out year-round as a tribute to my late first hamster, Pumpkin. This hand sanitizer cover was always clipped to the side of her cage so I could wash my hands after handling her. It also really fit her name well. I now keep this in a phone beanbag from Pottery Barn Teen on my desk. 

Decoration #8 – Yankee Candle Fall & Halloween Scented Candles

This doesn’t really count as a decoration, but I like to use a fall or Halloween scented candle from Yankee Candle during the Halloween season. The scents really make you feel like it is Halloween.

I hope that these ideas, few though they may be, were helpful! As I said before, my bedroom’s color scheme doesn’t exactly fit with the Halloween color scheme, so I don’t have too many Halloween decorations. Stay tuned for my Halloween haul, where I’ll be showing y’all any of my new Halloween decorations!

Decoration #9 – Skull & Crossbones Sheets

My mother gifted me these adorable sheets for Halloween this year. They are from Pottery Barn Teen.

I love how well these sheets match with my room theme, since a lot of Halloween decorations do not.

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