Glow-in-the-Dark Face Paint Ideas for Disney World’s Pandora

Glow-in-the-Dark Face Paint Ideas for Disney World’s Pandora

I’ve visited Pandora at Walt Disney World twice now and have noticed, while there, that there is a face painting booth. However, there weren’t a lot of options that I liked, nor did any of them glow in the dark as I wanted them to. I decided to take inspiration from Na’vi skin, tribal face paint and tattoos, as well as the face painting options that already exist there. I used PaintGlow paint and an old American Girl doll to try out these paintings. You can purchase the paint for about $15 on Amazon.

(I’m not the best artist, so I apologize for the badness of these paintings!)

Option 1: blue lip paint, dots, and stripes.

Option 2: lines & dots

Option 3: blue freckles

Option 4: triangles, stripes, and dots

Option 5: dots

Option 6: dots and striped lips

Option 7: one-sided dots

Option 8: lines with squares

Option 9: flower petal lines

Option 10: flower petal lines and dots

Option 11: one-sided flower petal lines

Option 12: tiara band

Option 13: tiger scratch

Option 14: one-sided freckles

Option 15: one-sided “blob”

I apologize for the messiness of the doll as well as my lack of artistic talent. I hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading!


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