Annual Beach Vacation: Travel Diary 2019

Every year, I take a week-long (this year a bit shorter) vacation to a nearby beach. I usually take this vacation at the beginning of summer, because I like to use this time to prepare my summer look (i.e. tan skin and blonde hair). I also really like to take this time to relax and reset my body so that the work I do on my body at home is more effective. Read on to see my daily schedule as well as the benefits of an annual beach vacation.

Daily Schedule

-Day 1-

The first day of our vacation was mainly taken up by travel. However, we were able to go to our favorite local restaurant and walk on the beach for about an hour. It is really important that I spend some time barefoot on the beach each year to get the benefits of “earthing” which you can read more about in the benefits portion of this post.

-Day 2-

The second day of our vacation was spent mostly in our beachfront hotel room. I slept in until 9 in an attempt to undo the stress and exhaustion of the day prior. I then got ready for the day and went out onto our deck to do my 5-minute morning stretches. I went back inside after this to eat a peach and drink some of my Starbucks Vanilla Doubleshot Energy (my go-to travel caffeine drink). After my breakfast, I went back out onto the deck to get in some sun and write in my travel journal. I spent nearly 30 minutes outside then went back in to write and do a small workout.

I try to give myself a little bit of a break from workouts during vacations, but since I’ve done nearly everything in the area several times, I decided to work out during the day instead. I worked out only 1 hour instead of 3, partially because I didn’t have the equipment and partially because I wanted a break. It is good to give your body a break from restrictive diets and workouts, but since I’ll be traveling a lot this summer, I wanted to do just a small strength workout to keep me from getting out of shape.

I got some rest and sun after my workout, then went to a local air and space museum. I spent a couple of hours there before going to catch a movie at a local AMC theater. I returned to my hotel after the movie for a dinner of gluten-free pizza and pasta. I spent the rest of my night showering and relaxing while watching some TV before going to bed.

-Day 3-

I woke up fairly early to sunlight streaming in through my window. I got ready for the day, then went out on our deck to do my morning stretches. After my stretches, I went inside for a breakfast consisting of a peach and a Starbucks vanilla Doubleshot energy. Once everyone was packed up, we all went for a walk along the beach.

After our walk along the beach, we went back to our hotel room to pack up. We then drove into Washington D.C., where we’d be staying until that Friday. In Washington D.C., we visited the American Girl store just outside the city for dinner. We shopped around the American Girl store and the rest of the mall for a while before heading back to relax in the hotel room.

We usually don’t travel to Washington D.C. during our Virginia Beach trip, but every so often we will have to go because my mother has business here.

-Day 4-

I woke up earlier than I intended and tried to go back to sleep but found the bed rather uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I’m a bit spoiled, so anything other than a memory foam mattress hurts my body. So, I got up and got ready for the day then ate a breakfast consisting of cookies and a Starbucks vanilla Doubleshot energy.

After this, my sister and I began watching my mother’s event on television while doing some work and relaxing. I decided to work out for about 45 minutes, doing some bodyweight exercises just to keep me in shape for the next week. Once my mother was back, we headed out to a local restaurant for dinner and then to a movie.

Once the movie was over, we headed back to the hotel room. My mother had things to do, but my sister and I relaxed and prepared for the next day. It was important that we prepared for our day of travel so that we would be comfortable on the way home.

-Day 5-



Not only does the sunshine help you get a nice tan for the summer, it also gives you Vitamin D which improves autoimmune protection, increases endorphins, lowers cancer risk, and increases bone health.


Both the sound and sight of the ocean is beneficial for your brain. It helps you feel more peaceful and relaxed. Furthermore, ocean water infuses your body with magnesium which helps relax your muscles, improves your immune system, boosts circulation, and hydrates your skin.


The sand is soft and relaxing underfoot while also being a great exfoliator. In addition, walking barefoot on the sand can give you the benefits of earthing, which is expanded upon below.

~Ocean Air~

The ocean air has higher levels of oxygen, which improves your sleep. In addition, it is good for your respiratory system. I noticed that I was a bit more congested during this vacation, which is rather unusual for me. I’ve been going to the beach at least once per year for my entire life, in addition to living on an island for a year, and I’ve never experienced this before. Hopefully I can reap the benefits of ocean air next year!


I love earthing and try to do it as often as possible during the warmer months. When you walk barefoot on natural ground (grass, sand, dirt, etc.), you will feel more centered, strong, balance and less tense and stressed. Earthing can decrease inflammation, pain, and stress. It can also improve circulation, sleep quality, energy levels, the body’s biological rhythms, blood pressure, and recovery from athletic activity.

~Workout Break/Alternate Workouts~

By taking a break from regular workouts, you can help your body recover, get rid of fatigue, and motivates you to work out harder when you return. I did cheat a bit and worked out twice this trip, but I just did 45-60 minutes of light, bodyweight strength exercises and stretches. I will try to do a post on travel workouts in the future.

~Diet Break~

By taking a break from your regular diet, you will stay motivated, help your hormones return to normal levels, increase metabolism, and reduce stress. You should still be mindful of your food choices, but for the most part you should eat what you want, when you want on vacation.


As stated before, the ocean helps you relax and relaxing has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits of relaxation include lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, assisting in the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels, reducing stress hormones, increasing blood flow to muscles, reduce muscle tension and pain, boosting energy, and decrease in some mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. There are many more benefits which you will want to get during your vacation!


It is a very good idea to take a yearly vacation to the beach if you are able. You will return from your trip sun-kissed, relaxed, and ready to face the world. It is so nice to take a break from your normal schedule and relax without worrying about any commitments or schedules. I highly recommend that you reap the benefits of an annual beach vacation if you can.


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