A Review of THINX: The ‘Most Popular’ Period Panties

When I first heard of THINX, I was genuinely intrigued and excited, but also a bit suspicious. I had never heard of period panties until I started seeing THINX’s ads in 2017. They were EVERYWHERE. Eventually, I decided to do some research on them.

I wore pads before I found THINX. I’d worn tampons a handful of times but found them generally irritating. I was especially scared of getting toxic shock syndrome, so I avoided tampons like the plague. THINX seemed like the perfect alternative to uncomfortable products like pads and tampons.

I talked this product over with my mother and although she was hesitant at first, I convinced her they were worth a shot. We both ordered a couple pairs to try them out. She ordered the boyshorts and I ordered the hiphuggers, both in the color black. While I was incredibly excited to have a more comfortable period, she still remained cautious.

After the first trial using these period panties, we were both won over. They were super comfortable and actually held up quite well. I’m a pretty heavy bleeder the first two days so I have to change them approximately three times per day, but the rest of my days I was able to only wear one pair per day (edit: there have been a few incidents where I did bleed through on my third and fourth days. You just need to be mindful and try to wear darker clothes as often as possible if you’re a heavy bleeder.)

So, what are my thoughts on this after two years of use? I would definitely say get them and try them out. You should probably get a variety for both comfort and looks. If you are a heavy bleeder, either wear another product with them or make sure to change them frequently. When washing them, rinse them with water and then wash them on ‘sanitary’ not on ‘delicate’ as the company suggests, or they might start to smell.

In 2018, THINX also came out with ‘GRL PWR’ period panties. We got about 5 pairs of these and 2 pairs of the sport panties, one in black and one in beige. This style is very comfortable, but the GRL PWR ones take the cake. All the girls in this house love wearing these ones and I almost look forward to my period because I like them so much! They make you feel super powerful.

Overall, I really love these period panties. I only use them now and I’ll only use other products if I don’t have my THINX with me. They’re so comfortable that I have actually forgotten I had my period once or twice. I love THINX, although I do wish they were a bit less expensive, so I could buy a lot more. Still, I highly recommend purchasing these if you can!

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