“Lover” by Taylor Swift Album Release Party

Though reputation was my personal favorite album of Taylor Swift’s, I am incredibly excited for her 7th album, Lover, to be released next week. So excited, in fact, that I’ll be throwing a small Lover themed party. If you’d like to throw one as well, here are some ideas for you!

#1 – Paint Your Face

If you want to copy the album cover, you can draw a heart around your eye with pink paint. I used glow-in-the-dark paint from Amazon (PaintGlow brand, about $15 with shipping). I tried the design out on an old American Girl doll (apologies for my bad art, I’m a natural musician, not a natural artist!)

You could also do a smaller heart by your eye, which Taylor did for a couple of her Instagram posts.

Or just do some fun pink face paint!

#2 – Wear Lover Merch!

Unfortunately, the Amazon bundles (which includes the only TRUE Lover merch I own) I ordered will not arrive until after the album releases, but fortunately I have some merchandise from her other singles that I’ll be wearing! If you don’t have merch, you can wear outfits that fit the theme. I would recommend pastels, tie dye, rainbows, and sparkles! You can also try to recreate an outfit from one of Taylor’s recent music videos. I’ve included some of my favorite pieces of merch from this era. I’ll decide on the day what I’m going to wear based on my mood.

#4 – Watch Music Videos from the Lover Era!

As you might know, a man who is associated with a group which funds the genocide in Yemen currently owns all the music (masters, specifically) Taylor Swift made with Big Machine Records. Therefore, you should avoid any of her older music videos.

#5 – Listen to the Songs Released So Far!

At the time I am writing this, three songs have been released: You Need to Calm Down, The Archer, and ME!’

#6 – Rewatch Netflix’s reputation Stadium Tour.

I’m not entirely sure if the aforementioned individual or record company will benefit from one watching this concert on Netflix (I could not find any evidence that they will, but I’m not sure). If it is “safe”, I would really recommend watching or rewatching this. It gets you excited for the new album and helps you kill a bit of time while you’re waiting for Taylor to release her album. I believe that Netflix will benefit from us watching this and not the record company, but I am not completely sure and could not find answers online.

#7 – Go Swimming!
If you have a pool or can get a small inflatable one, you can copy Taylor Swift’s scene from You Need to Calm Down. You could also use a slip-n-slide, which is probably what we’ll end up using. You can either get a circular float like Taylor has in the video, or kick it up a notch and use a unicorn float as an ode to her ME! music video! If you want to use a slip-n-slide, you could have a float race on it.

#8 – Use Heart Confetti!
If you ordered merch from the Taylor Swift store, you’ll have found some heart-shaped confetti in your package. If not, it is easy to find online or make yourself. You can lay out the confetti as a decoration or throw it around for fun.

#9 – Watch Taylor’s Videos From the Lover Era.

As an alternative or in addition to watching the aforementioned Netflix special, you can watch some of Taylor’s performances from this era. For example, you could watch her Prime Day concert or her upcoming Good Morning America performance. There are other performances from this era which you can watch on YouTube.

#10 – Bake Some Lover-Themed Treats.

Channel your inner Secret Session Taylor Swift and bake some Lover-themed treats! For her London Secret Session, Taylor made heart-shaped rice krispie treats colored with pink, blue, and purple food dye. You can recreate this treats fairly easily by making rice krispie treats mixed with food coloring and cutting them out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, or buying them and then cutting them into heart shapes if you want to take an easier route. You can also make heart-shaped cakes, cupcakes, brownies, or anything else you like! If you’re not into the hearts, then you could make treats with Lover written on them.

I hope these ideas helped you plan your Lover release party! I’m so incredibly excited for the album and I can’t wait to throw my party for its release. Thanks for reading!


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