How Disney Can Make Good Remakes

I recently expressed my distaste for Disney remakes. My statements still stand, but I realized that there is a better option for the remakes. The Disney Company owns a lot of companies and has a lot of movies to choose from, so this is what I think they should choose.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Disney’s musicals…. I’m not talking about their shows in the Disney Parks or their animated musical movies, I’m talking about their Broadway musicals. These onstage shows are essentially “live-action remakes” of the original animated movies. So, why not just use these as an excuse to do live-action versions of the stories?

What exactly am I suggesting, then? I am suggesting that Disney records these musicals as movies. I’m not saying they should just record one of their shows… no, I’m saying they should make a movie version of these musicals.

The musicals are different enough that people wouldn’t be upset about a lack of creativity on Disney’s part or a reimagining of their favorite movies from childhood. I, for one, would be incredibly excited to see movie versions of these incredible musicals. There are changes to the score and plot, which could make the movie fresh and new without being redundant.

Disney recently bought 21st Century Fox, which conveniently made the movie “Anastasia”. There are many animation fans who love the Anastasia and want her to be an official Disney Princess. However, Disney will likely not make her an official Disney Princess without creating their own version of her. Fortunately, there was an Anastasia musical on Broadway. If Disney recreates this amazing musical as a live action, Anastasia could become an honorary Disney Princess.

I would be thrilled if Disney would make movie versions of these musicals (albeit a little pissed if they steal my idea XD). I would definitely watch these “live-action remakes”. I think it is an original and interesting take on the stories that could make the company a lot of money.

Side note: if this ends up happening and I’m not on Disney’s creative team, I’m going to spreading this post like wildfire to get my credit 😛

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