Stop Giving Disney Remakes and Sequels Attention

I’ve heard a lot of negativity surrounding Disney remakes and sequels. One remake that drew a lot of negative attention was the Kim Possible Live Action Remake movie. However, the negative attention only gave the movie free publicity. While I definitely agree with most of the negative comments surrounding Disney’s remakes and sequels, I don’t think that talking extensively about each one is a good idea. It is sufficient to say that Disney should not continue making sequels and remakes in addition to not purchasing tickets to the movie, the movie’s merchandise, or the movie itself.

I’ve always been supportive of the Disney company and I am curious about these movies, so I decided to only purchase the movie itself or, if possible, watching it once on a streaming service. I refrain from buying the movie’s merchandise or theatre tickets to go see the movie. The biggest way in which you can impact these movies is by not seeing them in theatres. If they see that the movie is not making a lot in theatres, they will likely be less keen to make more movies. Of course, it is probably best not to buy the DVD or iTunes download of the movie as well, but if you’re going to see it anyways, this is the best option (other than streaming it on a streaming service, of course).

Another thing you can do is stop talking so much about each and every movie. Calling out Disney on their lack of creativity for making so many remakes and sequels is fine, but making posts on social media about each and every movie they create is only giving them free publicity. We need to stop giving these movies any attention or money so that Disney stops making them.

I firmly believe that companies that are releasing movies with creative premises should be paid more attention to. Of course, Disney has become famous for creating ‘remakes’ of classic fairytales, but what they are doing now is different. They are essentially repeating what they have already done in order to make more money.

A recent film I had a big issue with was Wreck-it Ralph 2. Disney capitalized on the popularity of the internet and social media to create a movie with a sub-par plot, an unnecessary ending, and a lot of advertising. It quickly became evident that this movie was created not because someone had an idea they were excited about sharing, but because the company wanted to make money off of the companies advertising in the movie as well as a large range of merchandise. Perhaps the most popular pieces of merchandise were the Disney Princess Pajamas, which are shown briefly in the movie but were hyped for weeks before its release.

According to a quick search on Google, Disney has 11 movies to be released in 2019. Five of these movies are sequels and three of these are live-action (or, ‘better animated’). The remaining three movies are Captain Marvel, based on a comic, Artemis Fowl, based on a book, and Penguins, a new DisneyNature film. Therefore, more than half of the movies to be released are going to be either sequels or live-action remakes. This clearly shows that Disney’s movies lack any real creativity and that they are more focused on making money than releasing quality content.

Most of us realize that a majority of these sequels and remakes lack quality. The trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Aladdin’ looked as if it was made by a fan of the movie. I was nearly in tears watching the trailer because of how ridiculous it looked and sounded. I really hope that Disney can regain its creativity and lose its appetite for money so that we Disney fans can actually enjoy their movies once more.

I personally would suggest that the Disney company find a CEO who cares about its consumers as well as hiring creative, hardworking individuals. Creativity was a key component in Disney’s most popular movies, parks, and merchandise, hence its theme in this post. Those who work hard and think outside the box need to help Disney rise back to its original place or the company will risk falling out of relevance.


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