My Current (Female) Fitness Inspirations

It is very important to have fitness inspirations on your fitness journey. I decided to share my current female fitness inspirations in order to inspire other women to work on their physical fitness. All of these strong women inspire me to be healthier and I hope they will inspire you too.

  1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr was one of my first health and fitness inspirations. I don’t draw inspiration from her as much as I once did, but her healthy lifestyle and attitude still inspires me. She is very committed to eating healthy and staying fit.

2. Daisy Ridley/Rey

Daisy is one of my biggest fitness inspirations at the moment. She is so strong in real life and in the Star Wars movies. She focuses a lot on gaining muscle and doesn’t starve herself. I like that instead of focusing on weight loss for her movies, she focuses on gaining strength. I think this is a very healthy attitude to take when exercising. I also saw her costume from The Force Awakens and noticed how thin she was. We are around the same height, so I knew it must be possible for me to be about her weight as well. This motivated me to eat healthier, so I could lose the extra fat I have on my body. I am still working on finding a balance that will allow me to lose weight and will keep me from getting my severe migraines, but hopefully I will have a body similar to hers someday, so my muscles can pop as much as hers do!

Daisy Ridley also struggles with PCOS and endometriosis. These conditions can cause women to gain weight, but can be improved by losing weight (I know, it sounds super difficult). Daisy seems very committed to taking care of herself, which I admire very much.

3. Joja (Jasmine Tookies and Josephine Skriver)

These models are very committed to fitness and show it on their Instagram page (@joja). Their workouts are fun and effective, and some of them can be done with a partner! I enjoy doing these workouts with my sister when we work out together.

4. Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot was SO inspiring in Wonder Woman and she made me want to work out more. I often put on Wonder Woman music while working out, which helps me to push myself. Her strength and toughness really inspire me to stick to my exercise program.

5. Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad really inspired me. She was funny, cute, and girly, but she could still kick butt and do flips in high heels! To top it all off, we have a similar body type. Seeing an athletic girl in a movie was really inspiring for me and helped me feel better about my size. Only seeing stick-thin girls in movies can get a bit annoying when you’re a muscular girl, so seeing the gorgeous Margot Robbie kicking butt and looking good while doing it was so amazing for me.

6. Taylor Swift

I didn’t pay too much attention to Taylor Swift’s body when she was stick thin. For me, it was just more of the same in the entertainment industry. However, she gained some weight during her “reputation” era and now looks super healthy and amazing! She seems to have so much more energy since putting on a little bit more muscle as well. She has been spotted going to the gym often, which has inspired me to work out more often.

7. Natacha Oceane

Natacha Oceane is one of my favorite fitness YouTubers/Instagrammers. She has a lot of muscle and you can tell she works hard for it. I really like stealing workouts and fitness tips from her.

8. Alicia Vikander

This girl is RIPPED. Alicia Vikander used to be a ballet dancer, but quit to become an actor. She began working out for “Tomb Raider” and any dancer could tell that she still has the discipline of a ballet student. She gained a lot of muscle for her role as Lara Croft and her workouts were shared on Instagram by her trainer. She is so hard-working and looks so strong, so I am very inspired by her.

That’s all for today! I hope y’all liked this and find these powerful women inspiring as well. Happy healthing!


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