Travel Journal: Annual Cabin Retreat

Every so often, humans need a break; a break from air pollution, people, internet, diets, and workout routines. I took an annual break from all of these things this summer, when I stayed in a remote cabin without cell service or internet. It was a much-needed break and I journaled the entire time. I have recorded my experiences below, as well as the benefits of the break. 

Day One

We arrived at the cabin and got settled. The whole family walked the dogs around the property then went back to start a fire in our fireplace. We made s’mores and talked until we got tired. I then read the Bible to everyone, showered, prayed, read a book, and went to sleep.

Day Two

I slept in, getting some much-needed rest. I immediately did my devotional and daily Bible verse, as usual. I then stretched in the morning light before getting ready for the day. I ate a breakfast consisting of kiwi and cereal. I took a can of Starbuck’s Vanilla Doubleshot Energy drink and a bottle of water outside to the fire pit area, where I read a book and journaled a bit. I then went inside to read more and exercise a bit. My exercise in the cabin consisted of stretching, bodyweight strength exercises, and dance. When my exercise was done, I went on a walk with my father, sister, and dogs around the cabin’s property.

I ate lunch, which consisted of two vegan hot dogs with buns and mustard as well as some potato chips, after our walk. After lunch, I read and walked around the property more. We walked the dogs one more time and then ate dinner. After that we drove around town, then came back to the cabin. At the cabin, I read the Bible to my family. I then showered, did my face routine, prayed, read, and went to sleep.

I really enjoyed reaping the benefits of getting fresh air. I felt so refreshed after taking the air. It was as if I had taken a shower after a very long time. I felt healthier and more relaxed after getting fresh air throughout the day.

I also enjoyed being without internet for the entire day. I was able to read more and expand my mind, as well as relax. When I have internet, I feel like I am always on the move, constantly searching and working. Being able to take a break and just relax with some books was so nice.

Day Three

I slept in again, which was amazing. Somehow, my daily Bible verse and devotional were still coming up on my internet-using app, even though my phone was consistently on airplane mode and we had NO cell service or internet. I stretched in my bedroom again as the sunlight poured through my window. I ate a breakfast consisting of a mango and an egg. I do not usually eat eggs but decided to try one this day.

As I did the day before, I spent the rest of my morning outside with my Starbucks drink and water bottle, reading and writing while I enjoyed the fresh air. When I was done with my coffee, I went back inside for a bit to read more. When I got bored, I got up and did 30 minutes of stretching then read a bit more. Once I was tired of reading, I went out to hike for about an hour, then ate lunch. Today, my lunch consisted of a cheese pizza that I made myself from scratch. I read, went for another hike, then ate some dinner.

After dinner, I went on a bear search with my sister and father. We did not see any bears as we hoped to, but my mother and sister have seen several bears in this area before. When we returned home, I did some knitting while we watched old black and white TV shows. We then played charades after we were bored of TV. After our game, we packed up and read the Bible together. I showered, prayed, then read some more before going to sleep.

Today I felt the benefits of my break from my workout routine and diet. I felt relaxed and rested, ready to get back to work on my keeping my body healthy. I had been feeling tired and bored with my workouts, so I really think that I needed this break. I was also feeling very frustrated with my lack of results. It is very good to take a break from your diet and workout routine so you can overcome plateaus and reduce fatigue and boredom.

I also have been feeling the benefits of sleeping in. I like to rest and rise naturally, as it makes me feel so much better in the morning. I do not feel the need to sit in bed for an hour after waking, but I can get up and start my day immediately.

Day Four/Conclusion

I woke up at my normal time and did my daily Bible verse and devotional. I stretched and then packed up all my things before going to eat breakfast with my family. We cleaned up the cabin, then headed out to the car for the drive home. I took time to reflect on my mini-vacation during the drive.

My days spent at the cabin were incredibly helpful. I was rested and relaxed after my mini-vacation, which is exactly what I needed at the time. When I returned home, I felt ready to jump back into life. I encourage everyone to take a few days off to spend in a remote cabin without any internet or cell service. It is so refreshing to be in nature without the presence of technology.

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