House Cleaning Tips from My House Cleaner

Frosty’s Notes: This post was completely typed up by the lovely woman who cleans my house every week. I did omit/change certain things to protect our identities, all of which will be noted in brackets. I also added some titles, so it is more reader-friendly. Thank y’all so much for reading this post!


I’ve been working for [Frosty’s Family] for about 2 years. I started working as a house cleaner in my junior year of college and have continued in this career despite graduating from college last year. I’ve been cleaning my entire life, but decided I wanted to clean professionally about 3 years ago. I really like cleaning and I enjoy seeing how great the houses look after I’m done with them.

When I first started cleaning [Frosty’s] house, I was mostly doing some basic cleaning once or twice a week. I would clean their home theatre and then just vacuum the entire house. As they started getting busier, they asked me to clean 2-3 days per week and do other tasks such as dusting, disinfecting, laundry, and making beds. They usually keep things pretty clean, so I don’t have to do any sort of picking up or organizing, except on special occasions.

I will almost always come on Monday & Tuesday every week and sometimes one day on the weekend. It really depends on their schedules and holidays. Monday is when I do most of the cleaning and Tuesday is usually when I do touch-ups and anything I didn’t have time to do the day before. Most weekends, I will come on Saturday to collect trash, clean the upstairs bathrooms, make beds, and vacuum the upstairs floor.  

I’ve included my normal cleaning routine for [Frosty’s Family’s] house below.

Normal Weekly Schedule


  1. Laundry: clothes first, then sanitary or towels if I have time.
  2. Home theatre: clean popcorn, gumball, drink, and candy machines, dust fireplace, wash dishes, clean kitchenette, clean garbage can, vacuum theatre chairs, vacuum floor.
  3. Playroom: pick up (if needed), vacuum futon, vacuum floors.
  4. Basement bathroom: disinfect surfaces, vacuum floors.
  5. Art room: pick up (if needed), vacuum floors.
  6. Home gym: disinfect surfaces, vacuum floors.
  7. Bedrooms: pick up (if needed), dust, make beds, vacuum furniture (couches, desk chairs, etc.), vacuum floors.
  8. Downstairs: vacuum all floors.


  1. Laundry: clothes first, then sanitary or towels if I have time.
  2. Bathrooms (all floors): disinfect surfaces, vacuum floors.
  3. Downstairs: dust all rooms, vacuum all floors.
  4. Bedrooms: make beds, vacuum.


  1. Collect trash
  2. Upstairs bathrooms: disinfect surfaces, vacuum floors.
  3. Bedrooms: make beds, vacuum floors.

It is also worth noting that [Frosty’s Family] wipes down and vacuums the kitchen every day, which saves me a lot of time.

Holiday/Special Occasion Schedule:

If [Frosty’s Family] is having a party or gathering at their house, they will ask me to clean every day of the week. I do my normal stuff for Monday and Tuesday, then do a deeper clean Wednesday through Friday.


  1. Laundry: clothes first, then sanitary or towels if I have time.
  2. Kitchen: organize fridge, organize pantry, disinfect surfaces, vacuum floor.
  3. Mud Room: organize, vacuum floor.
  4. Bedrooms: make beds.


  1. Laundry: clothes first, then sanitary or towels if I have time.
  2. Kitchen: finish up if needed.
  3. Bedroom: make beds.
  4. Full house: dust and/or scrub surfaces, vacuum furniture, vacuum floors.


  1. Laundry: clothes first, then sanitary or towels if I have time.
  2. Bedroom: make beds.
  3. Full house: dust and/or scrub surfaces, vacuum furniture, vacuum floors.

I also usually try to light candles when I’m done cleaning, especially on the full cleaning weeks.

Cleaning Tips:

  1. If you’re cleaning for another family, make sure you know what they want you to do or what they like. For example, [Frosty] really likes to have clean floors in her bedroom, so I make sure to vacuum her bedroom every day I clean, even though you only have to vacuum bedroom floors once a week.
  2. Vacuum the floors for cleanliness first, then for the aesthetic. I always try to leave vacuum lines on the furniture (if possible) and the floors, because I think they look good.
  3. Use air freshener, perfume, or candles to scent the room when you’re done. People tend to think you’ve cleaned better if you leave vacuum lines and a pleasant scent.
  4.  Be thorough! Don’t miss the bottom of the toilet in the bathroom or corners in bedrooms.
  5. Use dust spray and a cloth to dust…don’t use those feather dusters! Feather dusters and similar dusters do not pick up dust as well as a decent cloth and some dust spray does.
  6. Have a schedule. Knowing I have certain tasks I have to complete on certain days keeps me motivated and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.
  7. Leave a personal touch. I like to make roses out of toilet paper and tissues, just to make the bathrooms look nicer and also leave my mark.
  8. Even if something doesn’t look like it needs to be cleaned, clean it anyway. Even if the sink looks pristine, it will save you a lot of work later if you just quickly wipe it off.
  9. Small tasks matter! Even wiping down your sink with a paper towel every day will keep dust and debris off until you can do a full cleaning.

I haven’t been doing this for as long as some others have, so I don’t have a lot of great cleaning tips, but hopefully these will help. Although I’ll probably focus on another career in the future and be replaced by a much better house cleaner, I really enjoy cleaning [Frosty’s Family’s] house.

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