My Creepy Incident with a DisneyWorld Security Guard

This post is intended to share my experience to help those looking to avoid experiences like these. I am not trying to say that this is everyone’s experience, this is just a legitimate experience that I had and chose to write about. This is not intended to damage the reputations of either the company or the individual. You may share with/comment negative comments if that is really the only thing that amuses you, but I would advise against it since you will more than likely become a joke between friends rather than making a true difference. However, if that is the only thing that gives you happiness in your wretched life, then by all means go for it.

Despite my hesitance, I just had to share this recent event at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. This was very unsettling, and I do not want this to happen to anyone else. If anyone can help me identify this guard so I can speak with someone about his behavior, I would really appreciate it. Please note that I waited a few months after my trip to post in order to try and provide an unbiased review of my experience. I really didn’t want to post this, but I can’t stop thinking about this incident, so I feel I need to post it.

I was part of a medium sized group that had just arrived at DisneyWorld Resort. We stopped at the resort we were going to, parked, and decided to take the monorail over to the Polynesian Resort since our room was not ready. We got our bags checked at the security checkpoint, got on, and rode to Polynesian Resort without any issues at all. A younger female member of this group (whom we will call Susan to protect her identity), was feeling rather under the weather, so we went back to our resort as soon as we were informed our room was ready (somewhere between 4:00 and 6:00 PM).

Susan’s family members, who made up a majority of the group, went ahead of her because they did not have bags. Since she had gotten through quickly before at the other bag check, they thought she would be right behind them. I was the only one behind her and stood at a distance while I opened up my bag. As she was walking through, anxious to get to the monorail and back to the resort, she was stopped by a male security guard. She had brought along a small vial of liquid to help with her illness (non-alcoholic, of course), which he said she could not bring on. I have included the conversation below, remembered to the best of my ability.

Guard: are you a cast member?

Susan: what?
G: are you a cast member?
S: no, why?
G: you can’t have this.

(Susan remained silent for a while, trying to figure out what he was talking about.)

S: why not?

G: you have to be a cast member to have this. Are you a cast member? Part of DCP?

(I could not hear the rest of his questions, but he asked a lot.)

S: um, I’m apart of DVC?

G: but you’re not a cast member or apart of DCP, so you can’t go through.

(Susan was silent again and seemed to be panicking a lot at this point).

G: you can’t bring this into the parks.

S: oh, well, I’m not going to the parks. I’m going to my hotel…the-

(the Guard interrupted her very quickly at this point)

G: I can’t let you get on the monorail with this.

S: they let me on before with it.

(at this point he started getting very close to her and it was very obvious that she was panicking. Keep in mind this is an underage girl, whose family is now separated from her. She obviously felt very uncomfortable in this situation as he was stepping very close to her.)

G: I can give you an alternate route. I’ll walk you to the parking lot.

S: no, I don’t have a car. I just want to get on the monorail.

G: I can give you an alternate route to your hotel. I can show you an alternate route to your hotel.

(Now, her parents had noticed she was not behind them and approached the guard)

G: if you won’t surrender it, then you can’t get on the monorail.

(He had not said anything about leaving the item behind or “surrendering” it until her parents approached. He just kept repeating that he would show her an alternate route and stepping closer to her. She was, of course, very nervous at this point.)

Parent: what’s going on?

S: they won’t let me through with this.

P: just leave it and come with me.

Susan quickly followed her parents through the security check and had no further issues. It is worth mentioning that the guard quickly stepped away when the parent approached and asked what was going on. He also remained silent and did not answer her parent’s question, which was directed at him.

Susan is a very pretty young girl who does look older than she is, so I’m not sure if this was a factor but I do not want to make any assumptions. I was actually about to interject just when her parents arrived, as I was getting my bag ready and did not look up until later in their conversation. Seeing how close he was to her and how insistent he was with her that she let him show her an alternate route (and escort her to the parking lot…am I the only one who thinks that sounds super suspicious?) just seemed very creepy to me. I was a bit behind her, so I don’t think he even knew we were part of the same group.

She was obviously upset by the incident, not understanding why the man had taken something from her and not given her the option to leave it until her parents approached. As I mentioned before, she was sick and obviously taken aback by the situation, so her first thought was not to just leave it with him. She did say later that if he would have said “you can either leave it here or not get on the monorail” or something to that effect, she would have just left it there, but she did not think of it because of how insistent he was with her that she take an ‘alternate route’.

According to her, he did not make any inappropriate moves or comments towards her, but she said she did feel very uncomfortable. She also says she feels that the situation could have been handled differently, especially since it was quite apparent that she was feeling very nervous about the situation. I personally think he should have been gentler with her, just saying something along the lines of “you can leave it here with us or we can show you another way to get to your hotel.” However, he just kept insisting that she take an “alternate route” and moving closer to her.

The guard was male, seemed to be in his 20’s or 30’s, and had a large build but was of average height. Susan says all she remembers is that he was Caucasian, and she thinks he had dark hair. He would have been working somewhere between 4:00 and 6:00 on February 24, 2019. Susan has asked that I keep all her details secret as she felt very unsettled by this man and does not want him to have any way to contact or find her. However, I would be happy to send her questions anyone might have about the incident.

It is probably worth noting that a majority of Disney’s security guards were very rude to us and other guests. The only security guard I remember being even remotely polite to us was a female guard at Epcot. I’m not sure how Disney hires these people, but in my opinion, most of them do not meet the standards set by the Disney Company for its employees.

I hope that other guests will not experience anything like this. I’m not too enthusiastic about the Disney Parks any longer, but I hope that new management in the future will fix all the issues the parks have. I love the Disney Company and the parks, but I feel that I can’t let things like this go unnoticed.  

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