The Real Fountain of Youth: Effective Anti-Aging Solutions

I’ve always hoped that my genetics would determine my aging. Both of my parents look decades younger than they are (without any surgery or anything!) and I’m really hoping I will as well in the future. However, I know that it’s always best to prepare for the worst. So, I’ve begun using certain products and techniques to help slow my body’s aging.

I don’t think that aging is a bad thing….it is a very natural and beautiful part of life. Still, I personally prefer looking and feeling youthful. I don’t intend for anyone to feel bad about their aging process, I just wanted to provide some ways to diminish the effects of aging.

  • African Shea Butter

African Shea Butter is probably my favorite moisturizer in the world. I use it as a facial moisturizer every night and I wake up with youthful, soft skin. According to Dr. Axe’s website, it helps tissue cell regeneration and softening of the skin, which can help reduce wrinkles, and boosts collagen production. The website mentions a study in which volunteers noticed a reduction in various signs of aging.

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  • Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil is high in vitamin A, something that has been proven to keep your skin looking youthful. I personally purchase vitamin A cod liver oil pills and cut them open, then dab the oil on my skin. I focus on my eye area and forehead, which are the two places I am most concerned about getting wrinkles. It is important not to rub the oil on your eye area, as this can damage the skin. You can massage the oil into the portions of your face where the skin is stronger but be careful around the more sensitive areas.

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  • Exercise

This is the one big common factor that I have found between my parents. Both of them were skilled athletes who exercised daily in their youth. As they grow older, they continue to remain active. I think this has helped them look and feel a lot younger than they actually are. It is important to exercise to maintain your strength and energy levels as you age.

  • Healthy Eating

Eating healthily will help you look and feel younger. It also helps prevent diseases that could shorten your lifespan.

  • Water, Lots of Water

Water keeps you hydrated…which is necessary for youthful-looking skin. If you are not getting enough water, your skin will become dry. Dry skin has less resilience and is more likely to wrinkle.

  • Avoiding Sun Exposure

Now, this one I can’t exactly prove myself. My father is dark-skinned and rarely, if ever, wears sunscreen. He still looks a lot younger than he is, but I think he has more skin spots than he would if he actually protected himself from the sun. My mother, on the other hand, has very fair skin and takes care to protect herself from the sun. Her skin looks very youthful, but I’m not sure if she would look the same had she decided not to be so wary of the sun.

  • Stretching

As you get older, you become less flexible. The trick to maintaining flexibility is stretching every day. I do 5 minutes of stretching each morning. The stretches I do are supposed to help you grow taller (you also lose height as you get older, so these types of stretches may also lessen the effects of aging) and I also stretch before and after each workout. You can stretch as much as you’d like, but I’d recommend at least 5 minutes each day, even if you are only doing light stretches.

  • Stress Relief

Stress can wreak havoc on your body. I have found that the individuals in my family who took care to manage their stress looked a lot younger than those who didn’t manage their stress. I have a lot of trouble managing my stress, but I use prayer, guided meditations, hypnotherapy, and exercise to help me manage my stress.

  • Sleep on Your Back???

I have heard a lot of people say that sleeping on their back helps them to prevent wrinkles. I haven’t been able to prove this on my own, but I will say that my sleep was much worse when I tried to force myself to sleep on my back. I figured that getting more and better sleep would probably be more beneficial for me than trying to sleep on my back. However, you may want to try this and see if it helps prevent wrinkles for you!

Thank you so much for reading my post, I hope this was helpful for you. Be sure to check back on my blog next week for another post!

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