The Frosty Blog’s Disney Spirit Jersey Collection

Despite my feelings that Disney is coming out with way too many spirit jerseys in a feeble attempt to make money, I love spirit jerseys and have many Disney spirit jerseys. My love of spirit jerseys started before Disney probably even thought of making their own, so I don’t mind contributing to this particular trend. Below, you will see my collection of Disney Spirit Jerseys (check back later for my full collection of spirit jerseys!).

#1 – White Monster’s University Spirit Jersey

#2 – Ariel Spirit Jersey

#3 – Sherpa Mickey Spirit Jersey

#4 – Rose Gold Disney World Spirit Jersey

#5 – Star Wars Spirit Jersey

#6 – Stitch Spirit Jersey

#7 – The Little Mermaid Spirit Jersey

#8 – Royal Crush Crop Spirit Jersey

#9 – Sleeping Beauty/Aurora/Briar Rose Spirit Jersey

#10 – Blue Monster’s University Spirit Jersey

#11 – Hocus Pocus Lace Up Spirit Jersey

#12 – Purple Velour Villains Spirit Jersey

#13 – Mickey Mouse “Boo” Spirit Jersey

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I hope you enjoyed my Disney Spirit Jersey collection! I plan on collecting more, so be sure to check back for more Disney spirit jerseys!

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